Our job at Asanté Health is to have you feeling better as quickly as possible and to prevent health problems from reoccurring. If you want to achieve a new state of wellbeing, thus maximising the quantity and quality of your life, you must not only treat the symptoms, but also the underlying cause of your disease or condition. That's why many of the programs that we prescribe may involve dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of Natural Medicines.

By prescribing the Metagenics range of natural medicines, we are recommending one of the highest quality, most effective products available.  Sold only through healthcare professionals, the Metagenics range is formulated to meet the exacting standards necessary to treat chronic and acute health disorders.  That’s why Metagenics is the number one choice in natural medicines in New Zealand and Australia.

The effectiveness of natural medicine is directly proportional to the quality and strength of its raw materials.  Metagenics uses only the purest ingredients and conducts assays to confirm that the raw materials are free from heavy metals and pesticide residue, ensuring effective absorption and biochemical activity.  Sourced where possible, from local organic growers all Metagenics herbal extracts are tested to ensure that they contain the required levels of therapeutically active ingredients.  Regular testing of herbal extracts ensures that they are free from contaminants, pathogenic micro-organisms, heavy metals and pesticides.

The manufacturing processes used by Metagenics are some of the best in the world avoiding the use of excess heat, moisture and compaction, which can reduce the biological activity of many nutrients and herbs.  Metagenics also uses only natural non-reactive vegetable gums and cellulose and unlike many other producers, they do not use the common reactive binders, fillers and synthetic additives which can cause adverse reactions and side effects.

The team at Asanté Health recommend Metagenics products, for their quality, safety and efficacy. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

— Hippocrates

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